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Established in 1972 as GFP and rebranded as Shubhada Polymers Products Pvt Ltd, our steadfast commitment revolves around surpassing stringent benchmarks for electrical insulating materials and engineering products crafted from premium epoxy and fibre-reinforced plastics.

Pioneering progressive technologies and avant-garde materials, our journey commenced with hand moulding and evolved into diverse realms, including DMC manufacturing (in collaboration with Freeman Chemicals, U.K.), Pultruded Profiles (in alliance with Nordic Industries, Norway), Epoxy Castings, Injection Moldings, Epoxy Glass Laminates, and beyond. Immerse yourself in our narrative of innovation and unwavering excellence.

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Core Values

Shubhada embodies a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional client value, fostering an environment where employees can authentically express themselves, and maintaining a keen focus on effecting positive change both within the industry and in broader society. Above all, the cornerstone of our identity lies in our deeply ingrained values, serving as the solid bedrock that underpins our daily endeavours in the workplace. Shubhada Polymers Products Pvt Ltd.'s core values, encapsulated in the acronym RITUAL, represent the essence of our organizational ethos:

Awards & Achievements

Each day, our customers inspire us to discover innovative means of enabling individuals to achieve greater results with fewer resources. We are honoured to be acknowledged and honoured for our achievements in enhancing efficiency, sustainability, connectivity, and reliability to deliver solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment.

Our Milestones

Today Shubhada exports to more than 27 countries across the world including USA & Australia and also throughout Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Shubhada Polymers

Pioneered manufacturing endeavours with a focus on SMC/DMC Compression parts and Epoxy Castings utilizing the APG Process, exclusively serving the discerning needs of electrical OEMs.


Shubhada Polymers

Forged a strategic Technical Collaboration with Freeman Chemicals for DMC Manufacturing, concurrently establishing a Pultrusion Line in partnership with Nordic of Norway.


Shubhada Polymers

Augmented operational capabilities with the incorporation of a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to Compression Moulding and Epoxy Castings at Powai, Kalina.


Shubhada Polymers

Founded Shubhada Polymers Pvt Ltd, marking the inauguration of the inaugural Shubhada Factory in NASHIK, specializing in Epoxy Castings and Injection Moulding. Simultaneously, initiated the establishment of a sophisticated Tool manufacturing unit at Kalina.


Shubhada Polymers

Embarked on an international trajectory with exports to Electrical OEMs in the Middle East and Far East. Expanded production capabilities by integrating an Assembly Line for Auxiliary switches and Earthing switches at Powai.


Shubhada Polymers

Unveiled a cutting-edge production facility in Lonavala dedicated to Compression Moulded parts and Epoxy Castings for Electrical OEMs. Reinforced capabilities with a Tool manufacturing unit at Powai equipped with avant-garde CNC Machines and Design software. Concurrently, introduced a PU Casting unit (Unit 37) in Lonavala.


Shubhada Polymers

Successfully scaled capacities in Lonavala for Compression Moulding and Epoxy Castings. Furthered the expansion of the Nashik unit, specializing in epoxy castings and injection moulding. Spearheaded the development of additional units (24, 29, 30).


Shubhada Polymers

ERP. Commenced operations in Nerul for Pultrusion. Solidified global partnerships, securing a Long-Term licensed agreement with Menzolit GMBH for manufacturing SMC/DMC compounds in India and the Middle East. Instituted a state-of-the-art, SCADA-controlled manufacturing plant in Nerul D-506 with a substantial annual capacity of 14,000 tons.


Shubhada Polymers

Established 2019-2024: Successfully established an advanced Epoxy Casting production facility at Nerul, and significantly expanded Epoxy Castings production with the addition of D-178 at Nerul. Implemented assembly lines for auxiliary switches and Earthing switches at D-506, alongside the establishment of a cutting-edge Tool room at D506, featuring additional CNC machines and a comprehensive set of equipment. Pioneered the centralization of the copper processing unit to streamline operations across all units, including Nerul, Nashik, and Lonavala.


Shubhada Polymers

Embarking on a strategic growth trajectory, we plan to augment our operational capacities to meet the escalating demand. Our existing locations at Nerul, Nashik, and Lonavala will witness a notable 30% increase in Epoxy Castings production, underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence.


Next 5 Year Target

  • 2025-2029: Embarking on a strategic growth trajectory, we plan to augment our operational capacities to meet the escalating demand. Our existing locations at Nerul, Nashik, and Lonavala will witness a notable 30% increase in Epoxy Castings production, underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence.

Simultaneously, we are set to enhance our capabilities at the Nashik facility, boosting Injection Moulding capacity by an impressive 50%. This strategic expansion aligns with our dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and addressing the evolving needs of our clientele.

Aiming for unparalleled growth, our strategic vision involves tripling the output of Instrument Transformers. This significant upscaling not only responds to the surging customer demand but also fortifies our internal capacity, positioning us as a leader in the industry. As we step into the future, these initiatives underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and meeting the dynamic demands of the market.

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, we are setting aggressive targets for reducing carbon emissions while simultaneously driving digitalization initiatives across our plants. Our focus is twofold: enhancing the capacity and efficiency of our existing facilities and integrating automation to streamline operations.

  1. Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets:
    • Implementing comprehensive strategies to reduce carbon emissions across all our plants.
    • Setting ambitious goals to minimize our carbon footprint through the adoption of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient technologies, and optimized manufacturing processes.
    • Collaborating with industry experts and stakeholders to develop innovative solutions for carbon reduction, such as carbon capture and utilization technologies.
    • Regularly monitoring and reporting our progress towards meeting our carbon reduction targets, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  1. Digitalization Projects:
    • Introducing automation and digital technologies across our plants to enhance efficiency, productivity, and reliability.
    • Implementing advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance systems to optimize equipment performance and reduce downtime.
    • Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and connectivity to enable real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes, enabling proactive decision-making and resource optimization.
    • Investing in digital training programs to upskill our workforce and empower them to leverage new technologies effectively.
    • Collaborating with leading technology partners to drive innovation and stay at the forefront of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.
  1. Capacity Expansion and Efficiency Improvements:
    • Undertaking strategic investments to increase the capacity of our existing plants, ensuring we can meet growing demand while maintaining operational excellence.
    • Implementing lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement methodologies to enhance efficiency and reduce waste throughout our operations.
    • Modernizing equipment and infrastructure to leverage the latest advancements in technology and improve overall performance.
    • Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration to drive ongoing improvements in processes, systems, and workflows.

By pursuing these aggressive targets for carbon emissions reduction and digitalization, we aim to not only enhance our environmental stewardship but also drive sustainable growth and competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Our Products

Our product range is tailored to meet the exacting demands of the switchgear industry, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Expertise Extends to Industries

industries- Automotive, Energy & Electrical Equipememts., Mass Transport (Railway products), Civil & Construction-Infrastructure

  • Automotive
  • Energy & Electrical Equipememts
  • Mass Transport (Railway products)
  • Civil & Construction-Infrastructure

Our Esteemed Customers

We are committed to provide global solution & customer satisfaction for our global leading Electrical MNCs like . . .

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