Company Profile

Shubhada Polymers Products Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop Solution, for designing, manufacturing & supply of a complete range of epoxy molded components, Thermoset (SMC / DMC), Thermoset (Compression / Injection) Components, Thermoplastic components, auxiliary switch, earthing switch, current transformer & potential transformer required for switch gear Industry and catering them for over 45 years.

Founded in the year 1972, by Late Shri Pramod Jhaveri, with the aim to meet the requirement of electrical Insulating and engineering products, manufactured from fibre Reinforced Plastics.

Today Shubhada exports to more than 27 countries across the world including USA & Australia and also throughout Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Shubhada Group comprises of 4 manufacturing facilities at different locations in Maharashtra (India) and the corporate office is located at the financial hub of India, Mumbai.

Since its founding, Shubhada’s business practices have been governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with all applicable laws. Our employees have upheld and lived this commitment in their every day responsibilities ever since and Shubhada’s reputation remains one of the Company’s most important assets today. Whether it’s improving safety and reliability, delivering better service for our customers or earning back their trust and confidence, all of us at Shubhada are working hard to ensure that our company is on a solid foundation for the future.


Core Values

Shubhada stands for many things, A commitment to delivering great client value. A space for employees to be themselves, a sharp focus on making a difference both within the industry and within the larger society. But most of all, we are known for our values. These values form the bedrock of our daily lives at the workplace. They are the foundation on which we built our success over the years. It isn’t a simple task to lead a life, especially in an ever-changing and demanding environment like ours, driven by values. But we have already seen that SHUBHADA Employees strive to uphold our values in all that they do.

Our values are the foundation of everything we do and they are encapsulated in the acronym : SMILE

Our Vision

To be most preferred global partner in providing innovative products and moulding solutions for superior products and services that contribute to sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy interested parties by offering a multi technologies that adhere to global standards and are carbon neutral.

Our Milestones

  • 1972

    Shri Pramod Jhaveri set up a small unit at Kalina under the name of Glass Fab Products Pvt. Ltd.

  • 1976

    Addition of 2 units in Kalina

  • 1981

    Started Glass Fab Products at Powai

  • 1994

    Started Nashik Unit under the name of Shubhada Polymers Products Pvt Ltd.

  • 1995

    Started Exports from Powai to Malaysia

  • 1996

    Started Exports from Powai to Kuwait

  • 2000

    Started unit at Kurla

  • 2000

    Started exports to Australia and continents of New Zealand.

  • 2003

    Started two Units at Lonavala – (Units 27/28)

  • 2003

    Started exports from Lonavala to Dubai

  • 2006

    Addition of one more unit in Lonavala under the name of D. M. POLYMERS. (Unit 29)

  • 2007

    Addition of one more Unit in Lonavala (Unit No: 37)

  • 2010

    Global supply of NX – Air products Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil and South Africa.

  • 2012

    Expansion in Lonavala (Units 24/30)

  • 2013

    Expansion in Nashik (CTPT/ Injection Molding)

  • 2016

    Started Nerul Unit (D-506)
    Contract with Menzolit. (SMC/DMC)

  • 2017

    Expanded exports in Middle-East, Europe and Asia

  • 2018

    Addition of one more Unit in Nerul (D-178/3)

  • 2019

    Expansion in Nashik Plant

  • 2020

    Addition of one Unit in Epoxy Unit in Nerul