Located in Mumbai which is the financial centre, economic powerhouse, and industrial hub of India with a factory area size of 8000 square meter.

Mumbai Port Trust and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust are the two major ports that together provide the largest port facilities in India along with Mumbai International airport Shubhada delivers product worldwide covering 6 of 7 continents.

Nerul works have wide range of APG (Automatic Pressure Gelation) based epoxy casting machines (up to 25 Tonne), SMC/DMC compound manufacturing up to 10,000 Tonnes & 4000 Tonnes respectively.

Nerul factory also has other manufacturing set ups like Auxiliary Switch Assembly, Earthing Switch Assembly, Drive Rod Assembly, Pultruded Sections.Components for Circuit Breakers like Operating rods, Busbar Supports etc. are produced using epoxy glass laminates & pultrusion process along with in house processing of Copper Conductors with Japanese imported CNC machines.

Tool Designing and Manufacturing

We work on the principle “You design it; we’ll build it” thus enabling us to meet the customer’s requirements for their new product with software assistance like –