Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet Our People

Shubhada Polymers is an established and dynamic firm, with a youthful and enthusiastic team determined to accomplish the vision of becoming a world leader in Epoxy Molded Products industry. It is a specialist in manufacturing Epoxy Molded Products, Thermosets (SMC/DMC), Thermosets (Compression / Injection) Components, Thermoplastic Components, Auxiliary Switch, Earthing Switch, Current Transformer & Potential Transformer required for switchgear industry and catering them for over 45 years. The accumulated expertise of its technical and managerial experts has helped it build an enviable body of knowledge in Epoxy production , SMC/DMC formulations, quality control and process efficiency .

Kalpana Kakde - Nerul

Manager – Purchase

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Mr. Vinod Kadam - Nerul

Head – Quality

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Mr. Jignesh Dave - Nerul

Manager - Imports & Exports

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Mr. Pradip Bhodhankar - Lonavala

Asst. Manager - Quality

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Mr. Rahul Chandran - Nasik

Manager - Thermoset & Thermoplastic

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Mr. Rajesh Baviskar - Lonavala

Asst. Manager - Accounts & Finance

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Mr. John David - Nerul

Officer - Sales & Marketing

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Mr. Shibu Sukumaran - Nerul

Assistant Manager - Tool Designer

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Akshata Joshi


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Akshay Devtarase - Nerul

Sr. Engineer - Production

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Anand Upasani

Manager - IT

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Prashant Bhangale

Sr. Manager QA

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Vaishali Kapure - Nerul

Sr. HR & Admin

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